Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dear World,

I am new to this. This is my first attempt. This is where most of my random thoughts, poetry, & music reviews will all see light. I feel this is going to be healthy & very soothing to my mind to actually be able to let everything out on this here internet journal.

I also want to use this for my premiere of my different art pieces & random music I will independently release on this blog as well. Ranging from what I am known for(grind, sludge, noise, & anything in extreme music)but to also release my resent works with electronic, trance, down-tempo, & structured sound scapes.

I am not sure if anyone will ever follow this nor do I care because this is for me to keep track of myself because I leave the bits and pieces behind sometimes that hold my mind's puzzle together.

So with out any other further introductions welcome to the Black Hearted Chronicles.

Until next time,

-D.J. the Black Hearted Outlaw

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