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This is my biggest blog to date. The next one I will be digitally releasing my Electronic EP under the name of Cutlery for Selenium & the EP will be called "Broken Scapes Destruct Media". Should be rad I hope to get good feedback if not owell fuck it. I had fun making it. I am moving in to my new apartment Saturday I am super excited on this. I have grown to really dislike my landlord who used to be cool & now has become a complete cowardly prick. But that's besides the point. I am just happy that I am getting out on my own from a house that seems to do nothing but suck the life out of me.

I have been writing again below there are 3 different poems that I worked very hard on. They just came out & I couldn't stop writing when I was writing them. After editing them for almost 2 weeks I hope that who ever reads this enjoys them.


"When the hammer falls"
Drawing blood from this stone gets you nothing.
Cold steel benches sore this spine.
Hardening deck of cards hold a million games.
Books hold a million words.
Imagination can go beyond your walls.
You know where I am.
Come and take me in chains.
I won’t go quietly.

"Born with a blue collar"
I wasn't born in dollar bills.
Blue collar was already on when I came out not breathing.
This life was given to me with a prayer.
Now it's taken with a grain of salt instead.
Damaged life is what’s left behind me.
Early years weren’t kind to this capsule of water.
But decibels helped escape from the old harsh reality.
Dogma never saved me.
Misery was always there as company.

"Immortal sound"
This neck contorts. My throat screams.
This heart is off beat. These strings ring.
Each string strung for 1 deadly sin.
My hands move to the sound of my soul.
Anger bleeds through the sound of my voice.
Sadness screams in the tears I have shed.
Amps cranked ears are dieing.
The record spins with out a skip.
I am there forever.

Music Reviews....

Deftones "Rocket Skates" - I must say after being a fan of the Deftones for the past 12 years I am more than impressed with there current single. The guitar work is more metal & the bass in drum work is so locked in it's just punishing. It is weird knowing that it's not Chi's hands on the bass strings but I am sure he approves of this awesome sound that his band mates have accomplished. This song takes me back to "Around the Fur" accept with 8 string baritone guitars now. It's really repetitive & super catchy. If you are a fan of the Deftones you will love it. IF your not a fan of the Deftones you should stop listening to music anyways. Rating: 9.5/10

Noriega "Desolo" - This band has spawned from Admiral Angry, & Black Sheep Wall. Which both bands hold there own in the heavy realm of music taking influences from Pig Destroyer all the way to Khanate & quite possibly a bit of Willhaven. But there new band is far more complex than either one wishes they could be. This band offers a very awesome dynamic in heavy music with huge bass tones & Bury Your Dead style guitar tones that scream metalcore. But this isn't your everyday metalcore. This is something that you don't want to listen to driving because you will punch the person next to you & create a 50 car pile up. I recommend this record to fans Meshuggah, Carbomb, Gaza, & Clinging to the Trees of a Forrest Fire. Rating: 8/10

That's all I have time to review at this point & that's all that I care to mention right now.

Until next time,

-the Black Hearted Outlaw

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  1. Keep your head up, I really like the artwork on this post.