Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today I have come to realize what my worth is as human & as an artist. I must say this has been a dark journey of discovering my qualities & gaining confidence. As an artist I have always been insecure with my work because I always strive to push the boundaries of myself to open up new worlds & dynamics in what I do. I feel like I have harnessed my vocal capabilities & overall skill in the art of screaming & singing.

If anyone in this place we call "world" knows me....they know my lack of confidence. I feel like this helping me become more of a man. To love myself & love the people around me who are giving me what I have always wanted. Life has been throwing curve balls at me but I need this strength more than ever during these weird transitions & situations. The situations are my own personal demons that drag me to the point of where I feel like I have no safe return. Often I feel like I loose touch & misdirection completely consumes me into confusion.

But this world will no longer make me hide away. I will no longer hide in plain site. I will show the world my teeth like a monster or rabid animal ready for blood with no fear. Fear is the demon that builds & builds. But I will be running with my head down showing my teeth with my fist in the air.

I find myself writing lyrics of overcoming these demons & realizing my faults. But in a moving forward & leaving it behind me kind of way. Lyrics that are sad but almost self-help kinda way to people who want to look for guidance sort of way when they listen to the sound waves I produce through my 400 watts of pure power & my instrument strung with every deadly sin.

I am signing off. This is goodnight to my Valentines Day.

-the Black Hearted Outlaw

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